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    Mysterious Red Line in a PDF file

    Asiawide Sfang

      Hi Please assist.


      We had downloaded a PDF file and when the 1st time we open the file its all good to be use. Below is the eg


      However send it to our team for a preflight check when they open there is a mysterious red line across the files. Below is the example of the red line across.

      Do anyone have any idea why this appear? No editing done at all as the save date & time is similar to those downloaded.

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

          Hi AsiawideSfang,



          It is impossible to tell anything without having the original file handy.  

          You may share the file with us, you may use Google Drive or Adobe Send or Dropbox to share the file. What exactly did your team do during the preflight check?



          -Tariq Dar.

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            Asiawide Sfang Level 1

            Hi Tariq

            Thanks for your reply.


            Due to confidentiality I am unable to have the files provided however let mer revert again to you on this.


            And for your kind info we do not have any chance of even doing pre flight in this file where this mysterious line had already appeared.

            So if you can advise where this line come about in really appreciate it.

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              Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

              We cannot guess the cause, this is not a standard problem. But we can suggest some actions that may help in troubleshooting.

              1. Take the file with the red line. Return it to the original PC. Does it have a red line in the copy that is returned?

              2. Consider how the file was moved to the preflight system. Do not use email.

              3. Compare the exact software AND version used to view it originally and to view the file for preflight. What are they?