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    After Effects error: ATM Parse Error (83::2)


      In my office we work with a couple of workstations running on windows 7 with Premiere and After Effects.

      We have diffrent workflows to integrate selfmade After Effects templates for regualar TV programs edited in Premiere Pro.

      Most of them were created in CC2015.1


      After our update to a newer version (CC2015.1 or 2017), we are not able to open any of that after effetcs projects, nor in After Effects of Premiere.

      We always get the "After Effects error: ATM Parse Error (83::2)" error after opening the project.

      When I downgrade to the CC2015.1 Version everything works fine again.


      I read about some font problems regarding that Error. Was anyone sucessfull deeling with that Error in a practical way?

      I am not able to delete all fonts, because I need them. And if there is a possibility to get "bad" fonts somewhere, how can I avoid to get them?


      I need a workflow to be not affraid of any coming update!