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    width: "75%" in the code, 100% in the UI   -- Bug

    g.bollmann Level 1


      Within Edge Animate, I have my stage set to 100% wide and high. It always is, it always was.

      The saved file for project.html says: 75% wide.


      every time.



         AdobeEdge.loadComposition('GV-ALLFINAL-tweak-1', 'EDGE-322889', {

          scaleToFit: "none",

          centerStage: "none",

          minW: "0px",

          maxW: "undefined",

          width: "75%",

          height: "100%"

      }, {"dom":{}}, {"dom":{}});



      If I correct it in the .html file, and let EA reload, EA still rewrites on the next save as above.

      Note: 75% wide also appears in the .js publish file.


      I found this by chance. Is it normal? Is there anything to do?