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    Combobox Blues

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      I have a very mysterious problem happening with the combo boxes I am using. My problem is that when a combo box is deselected, a green highlight color (tracing the dropdown box) remains. I thought I had used sufficient style settings to get rid of this unwanted behavior. The very weird part is that when I test the movie alone, everything works fine (no green highlight), but when I load the movie with my preloader swf, this problem occurs. I am totally confused.

      Here is a link to the example of the problem:

      Problem link

      Here is a link to the same movie working but not in the preloader:
      Working - without preloader

      I am using the MovieClip preloader component to load tinter.swf.

      Any ideas?

      I put the combobox component into my loader movie and this fixed the problem, but I can not use this approach because before my preloader was only 6kb after I drop the combobox component into the library it goes up to 62kb. I can't have a preloader that is 62kb. Any other ideas?
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          I figured out how to hack it so it would work. For those who don't like hacks, hit the back button now!

          In order to get this going with the MovieClipLoader component, I had to also use the loadMovieNum function loading to level 2. I hid both the movieclip target and level2 until the loading was finished. When the loading finished, I only revealed level2.

          I hope my hack helps someone. If you have questions reply to this post and I will get a message. I will try to help.
          Here is the code I used: (cover your eyes if the hack gets ugly)