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    Monitor Calibration created issues with my lightroom coloring


      Hello - please help if you know anything about this.  I calibrated my computer screen, per the advice of others in a different group.  When I did this, the coloring in lightroom became extremely saturated and yellowish and it is very difficult to edit photos because the colors don't match my computer screen anymore.  Since this was so awkward and uncomfortable, I figured out how to remove the display profile I had created with the calibration, and restored my monitor settings to the original.  So, my monitor is restored and looks fine; however, lightroom didn't restore to original color settings and is still highly saturated.  I am unable to edit photos and I'm under some holiday deadlines.


      Any idea how to restore lightroom?  I poked around on the internet and tried control-alt-R, and shift-control-alt, and nothing works.  I was told to restart and it should be restored, but it isn't.  Please help if you know how to correct this issue in LR.  I would really appreciate any help!