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    Adobe AIR 1.5 Update success unclear

    stolennickname Level 1
      After installing the Adobe AIR 1.5 Update for Fireworks CS4 on my Mac OS X 10.5.6 machine, the installed version of Fireworks is still set at This version string appears in the both the About box and in the Finder Get Info window, despite the fact that the installer window displayed that it was installing Adobe Fireworks CS4 10.0.1.

      How can I determine that the install worked?

      As a sidenote, I find the entire installer to be very non-intuitive to use for a Mac user: the installer does not use the standard Mac install process, the installer is named "Setup.app" with no indication what it is, the installer script is hard coded to look for an application folder named "Adobe Fireworks CS4" (which breaks if you've renamed the folder), the user is prompted for a password before being told what it is doing, multiple applications launch as part of the install process resulting in two applications named Setup appearing in the Dock, the Quit option in the application menu bar is greyed out and the quit button is labelled "Exit". Things like this impact perceived quality of product.
        • 1. Adobe AIR 1.5 Update success unclear
          Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
          The update will not affect the splash screen or About Page version number.
          For a quick check you can try creating an AIR package or an AIR preview. If everything works smooth then the installation would have been a success.

          The other details related to installation on a Mac should be seen on all other Adobe app and not restricted to Fireworks alone.