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    cfpop in a scheduled task

      We have an EMail Reader functionality in our application. How this works is candidates send their resume to a Organization email address. When this email reader task is run, the candidate's info is extracted from the resume.So I am using cfpop Action="GetAll" to retrieve this emails that the candidates sent. And when all the info is extracted, I do a cfpop action=Delete to remove those emails from the queue. Now this functionality works fine when i run it from a browser, but when I put this routine to run as a scheduled task, It just extracts the candidates from the email queue, but it does not delete them. I pasted the same URL that I run from the browser into the scheduled task URL. Can someone point me in teh right direction as why this may be happening, seems like the CFPOP Action=Delete is not happening. As a Result, the same candidates keep getting extracted....