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    Multiple Colour Swatches with same colour value but different names


      Normally I find most of my questions have already been asked at some point, but I've looked all through the forums as well as a number of other well know ID websites, and noone seems to have asked this one. I can't believe noone has wondered about this though I'll try and keep it short.


      When I work for a customer with corporate colours, I ask whether they have a Swatch Library, and if not I create one myself, just to keep colours correct. The problem is that many of the designers in our agency don't like using, don't want to use Swatch Libraries or .... who knows. So they create their own single colour swatches - and name them how they will -  when they need them. On top of this I receive files from other agencies working for the same customer, and they of course create and name their swatches as they will.


      I would love that we ALL are using one Swatch Library, but that's not going to happen.


      What this means is, through moving elements fromfile to file I end up with 6 identical colours in my Swatches which are all named differently.



      Light Green

      65, 0, 100, 0


      C=65 M=0 Y=100 K=0

      Logo Green


      Etc, etc, etc.


      Now this isn't such a big problem, I can just 'delete and replace by' another swatch 5 times.

      But some of these custommers have 20 or 30 corporate colours. Multiplied by 5 or 6 people's different naming conventions and it gets annoying very quickly.


      So. Question ...

      Is there a method, or script, or something I've overlooked that lets me replace all colours swatches which have the same colour values in one go? So that my swatches panel doesn't have 200 or more swatches in it? (I do delete all unused first, but as they come into the file by copying elements they're usually in use).


      Thanks for reading that all, Angus


      Ooops, should add:

      PC, CS6 (pushing to get them to upgrade to CC)