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    'sym' undefined


      Hi !


      I'm trying to wrap my head around doing a couple of things with the Animate JS API and came across some posts detailing the use of the sym object to achieve certain things. However, when I try to do, say, sym.getSymbol() for a symbol name, inside an Action event, I'm told sym is undefined. Have things changed between when the docs / posts I've been reading were made and now, or am I just trying to use it in the wrong context ? Any pointers appreciated.

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          I've never even heard of any "sym" object. Maybe you should explain what you're trying to do instead.


          BTW, there is no "Animate JS" API. It's the CreateJS API.

          CreateJS | A suite of JavaScript libraries and tools designed for working with HTML5

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            Stephix Level 1

            I guess it's just a disconnect between the resources I find online for earlier versions and what's available now.


            As an example, what I wanted to do and was easily accomplished with the sym object was something like injecting some HTML into, seemingly, any "object" created in Animate, and was done something along the lines of sym.$("symbol name").html("html here") type of thing. More examples can be found here Adobe Edge Animate CC JavaScript API, for instance. Even the URL has "current" in it, though the "2014" in the title should give it away.


            Either way, if you could point me in the right direction to achieve something like what I was wanting to do, I'd be grateful .

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional



              Animate CC is a completely different product from Edge Animate. The only thing they have in common is the word "Animate" in their names. Yes, this naming was an inexplicably terrible decision on Adobe's part.


              You cannot inject HTML into Animate Canvas objects because they're not HTML objects. They're CreateJS objects, which get painted to an HTML5 canvas element at runtime by the CreateJS library. I linked to the docs for this library in my first reply.

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                Stephix Level 1

                Perhaps you could appreciate how naming a documentation page "Adobe Edge Animate CC" and putting it under a "current" URL could be wildly confusing for someone who just stumbled into having to use the latest Animate version installed through Creative Cloud and has had no previous interaction with either Edge Animate or Flash, and put the palm back on your mouse. There isn't even an Edge Animate available to install through Creative Cloud, since, as you pointed out, it doesn't really even exist anymore. The whole naming thing and the documentation being all over the place when you Google, as a result of this, is very confusing.


                Either way, thanks for clearing it up; I'll look into the EaselJS DOMElements and see what I can get done with that. I'll mark one of your replies as Correct, as I think you get points for that or something.

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                  ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

                  I did not point out that Edge Animate doesn't exist anymore. It does in fact still exist, and can be installed via the Creative Cloud client.


                  If you're looking to float arbitrary DOM elements above Animate's stage, you may find the code here useful:

                  Re: How can I add video

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                    Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Great tip about getting Edge Animate using the CC apps section. I had thought that it wasn't in there, but if you scroll down, choose Previous Versions from the Find Additional Apps section, and scroll down some more, the various Edge apps are still there.


                    If you do get the CC 2014 Edge Animate that way, keep an eye on the menu, you'll be offered a CC 2014.1 update to the app once it's installed.