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    Technical issues?


      I've just recently begun submitting my work here. I've had plenty accepted and other work declined due to technical errors etc. I don't generally do allot of photoshop but, with this particular shot I wanted to remove some distracting elements and then give it some boost in a few areas to make it more appealing to me.

      I was just curious if anyone can help me understand what technical errors adobe stock would use to reject it and where I went wrong.



      Any and all help is greatly appreciated

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          LutzW Level 1

          Hi garyh67814997,


          do you use a color calibrated monitor? The clouds in the top 2/3 of the sky are pink on my calibrated monitor. So is the grass on the right of the street. There are some strange looking clouds in the top left corner (it looks as if you used a rubber).


          There is too much sharpness in the leaves of the trees and in the hedge to the right.




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            garyh67814997 Level 1

            I haven't calibrated my monitor. Some sites that I upload to the color looks fine so, I'm not quite sure on the calibration side but, I'll take a look at it.
            I did use a high-pass filter on a layer for the purpose of getting some more definition probably over did it.
            No,I didn't use a "rubber" lol don't know what you're seeing there.

            Thanks for your feed-back though. It never hurts to have some critique on the process.