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    swapDepths and Try with attachMovieClip??

    JstMrd Level 1

      I have a project wihich has multiple frames. The user is to drag numbers (movie clips) to a certain area in the proper order, then can move to the second tier. The user would then drag from the remaining proper numbers (movie clips) to the next branch or section.

      The problem, of course is, the swapDepth seem to be getting in the way. What happens is the dragged movieclips (placed on the stage from the library) on the next frame, sometimes dissapear. I did a trace, and the depths seem to jump from the original 20 to -16352 or even undefined (which they then dissapear) in the next frame.

      So, I did read, and read, and read about these mischievous swapDepths, and tried, and tried many ways around it, but to no avail. I did however finad that using attachMovieCip or something to this nature will solve my dilema, but have not found any sample code which will work in my instance.

      I have attached a sample of my script I used on my "placed" movieClips. Could someone show me an example of or the way to use this attachMovieClip item:

      Thanks in Advance