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    Overlay page that nests another page with scroll

    Fred_NCG Level 1



      I need to make a overlay page that is triggered from an graphic object (same feeling as a pop up).
      The overlay must be scrollable and should be able to nest another external page.
      Pretty much like this page:



      the overlay should be able to nest all types of content (images, pictures and other widgets such as containers etc)


      Lightboxes will NOT do the trick and I have tried some 3rd part widgets but without success (Smart pop ups etc).
      I can nest the external page with this widget Other Page  but I need to set up the overlay.


      I cant get my head around this! So please if you have any ideas please share!


      Reference pages:
      Gavepapir  - If i could to this in muse i would be a happy man
      http://ny.se - scroll down to the cases (the square boxes)