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    All keywords are missing... How can I get them back? Windows 10 issue?

    gjertrud mariej33064572

      I have a laptop that almost crashed two weeks ago. I exported all my important work and photoes to my new workstation. I have my pictures and files. So it is all safe :-)

      I use Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Indesign. It was installed on my old laptop, and I installed it on my new workstation.


      So today I uninstalled all the Creative Cloud application from my laptop (I need it for a class tomorrow), and now the catalogue contains 0 pictures on my new pc.


      But does the uninstallation from one pc impact the account itself - and the apps on another pc? I only have one account.


      I also recently installed windows 10 on my new pc, and I cant remember wheather I have used Lightroom or not after that.


      The problem is that I have 10 000 images in this catalogue, and I have been sorting them by names/keywords, and I have used a lot of time to do it. Is there any way to find out if its still there?

      Kind regards

      Gjertrud Marie