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    Numbers being truncated by Excel when exporting from Acrobat DC


      When exporting a PDF from Acrobat DC to Excel, the 22-digit numbers in the PDF are being 'truncated' by Excel.  For example: 0015101820990791961357 in the original PDF is being changed to 0015101820990792000000 in Excel.  I know this has to do with Excel's coding; it sees strings of numbers *as* numbers, and changes the cell format to be a number... and Excel can only handle 15 significant digits, rounding off the 16th and changing the remaining digits to 0's.  If the cell is converted to a text format prior to entering in the data, then it will hold the full number as it is entered.  The problem here is there is no way to format the cells before the imported information gets in there when you export from Adobe Acrobat DC.


      Interestingly, this exporting worked perfectly fine from Adobe Acrobat XI Pro... but after the upgrade to DC, that's when it stopped working.  I'm not sure if something changed in the way that Acrobat exports the text from the original PDF... in such a way that Excel decides it is looking at a number and automatically changes the format of the cell.


      Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening after upgrading to DC?  Does DC have any special settings that I'm not seeing related to how data is exported and how numbers/text should be handled?  Has anyone run into this same issue before?


      Thanks in advance!


      The "relevant" stuff:


      Windows 7 x64

      Adobe Acrobat DC

      Microsoft Office 2010