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    Saving Secured PDF from Adobe Sign to SharePoint Online via Acrobat


      We have PDFs from Adobe Sign that are secured that we are trying to save to SharePoint Online from Acrobat.  Our SharePoint account is setup in Acrobat, and we have no issues saving non-secured PDFs directly to SharePoint Online from Acrobat.  We're given the normal "Save As" dialog which allows us to select our SharePoint account and enumerate the locations on the site to save to.  With a secured document, we receive a "Save a Blank Copy of this Form" notification, and then the only option is to save to a local or network drive.


      Outside of removing the security from the PDF (this would be done via a setting on the Adobe Sign side, and then inputting a password in Acrobat to remove the security), is there a work-around to save a secured document from Acrobat to SharePoint Online directly without removing the security, or do we just have to save locally and then upload to SharePoint Online in a separate step?