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    need to activate line with of a textbox with a checkbox.


      I'm trying to make a pdf that when you check certain boxes a section of the doc will highlight.


      I thought the best way to go about it is to use the lineWidth of a text box.  Not sure if that IS the best way it was just a thought...



      But I want to border to be hidden first then when a checkbox is checked it will be visible.  if the box is unchecked it goes back to hidden.


      I've tried this in the checkbox action:


      var checkBox1 = getField("CheckBox1").value;
      var bord = getField("bordr1");
      bord.lineWidth = 0;
      if (checkBox1 = "Yes") {
          bord.lineWidth = 3;
      else {
          bord.lineWidth = 0;



      but it doesn't work.  couple questions


      is there a way to just write code instead of putting it in actions?

      if not how can I hide the text box by default?  and still be able to display it later?