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    Publish to iOS, refresh devices freezing


      I've got an issue.  I'm working on getting my game onto iOS, quite a bit of hoops to jump through to do that.  >.<


      I've run into a problem, whenever I go to publish to iOS from Adobe Animate, after I've entered the certificates and everything, I click "install application on the connected iOS device" and then I click "refresh" to see my device, Animate freezes and is permanently frozen with the mouse displaying the loading cursor.  It will not unfreeze and the iPhone never shows up in the list of devices consequently.  However, if I disconnect the devices while it's frozen, Animate will instantly unfreeze.


      Just to reiterate, this is BEFORE I ever get to click "publish", it is happening when I click the "refresh" button.


      Does anyone know what the issue could be?  Needless to say, I need this to work.  The device is an iPhone 5.  I'm new to the Apple world, is there perhaps some "developer mode" setting I need to go into on the phone that could be causing Animate to freeze up?