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    InDesign Tools Lock Up After Text Tool Selected in InDesign CC 2017

    wildplaces1 Level 1

      When I select the InDesign 2017 Type tool in the toolbox to edit text within a text box, all other tools become inaccessible.  I have tried one workaround found on the forum, editing Advanced Typefont Preferences, which worked for one iteration, then the Type Tool locked up again, not allowing me to alter the text boxes.  Using the menus to select other tools also is a vain effort.  I am using Windows 10 pro on a PC workstation, and recently updated all my Adobe CC apps.  Occasionally, I am able to sign out and sign in the Adobe CC apps , or re-boot the computer, but the bug re-appears after I select the Type tool.  I have been using InDesign since ver 1.0, and this is extremely frustrating and disappointing.  I am in the middle of a small, complex graphic-intensive company holiday card.