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    I can not delete text in a text frame. HELP!


      So this is my first time using Muse. It is for my graphic design class. This has occurred on different three occasions now with this project. I can type normally when I first open the document. After a short span of time I can still type until Muse will slow down and I will still be able to type but I lose the ability to delete the text at all. Anyone have the same problem? If so, how did you fit it without restarting the program?

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          I would advise you to check following:

          • Please check if you are getting the same issue with new files as well?
            • If the issue is with the existing files only then change their location to the local desktop folder and then check if it works.
          • Are you using the latest version of Muse ? You can check it from Adobe Muse > About Muse CC. The current version of Muse is CC 2017 If you do not have the latest version then update it.
          • If Muse is up to date then try resetting Muse Preferences.
            • Go to Following location    (Before trying the steps below please Quit Muse)
              • ~/Library/preferences
            • Rename the following folder by adding _old at the end of them
              • com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.2017
              • AdobeMuse

          If you are on Windows machine then go to this path - C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming

          • replace <user name> with your windows user name.
          • Once you are there rename com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC2017 to com.adobe.AdobeMuseCC.2017_old


          let me know if the issue still persist.