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    Webpage Link Buttons

    r_barlow Level 1

      The webpage I'm developing is going to use flash buttons as the main links. Theres 5 - 6 buttons that will be laid out horizontally across the screen in the header section. I was wondering which approach is better... to create a single flash movie with all the buttons in it, or separate movies with one button in each one?
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          albee Level 1
          For ease of editing your buttons, and to alleviate the Windows IE handling of plug-in content, I would opt for a single Flash movie holding all of your buttons...

          Good luck,

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            r_barlow Level 1
            Thanks! Yeh I think thats the better solution.

            Another problem I'm running into is that I need a dropdown list for each menu item. I don't know how to make it so that the down down items go over top of other elements in my website. RIght now the drop down only shows in the area that is allocated for the flash object.
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              albee Level 1
              Here's how Flash works...the Flash stage defines the limits of the Flash object deployed on your web page. So unless the pulldown is within the stage when it is visible, it will not show up in your HTML layout. I believe that the Flash background is opaque, not transparent, when it is deployed on an HTML page (if you import a Flash movie into another movie, however, the background of the imported movie is transparent by default). So, even if you enlarge the Flash stage to accommodate your submenus, you won't be able to see through to layers below your SWF layer on the HTML page. I don't see how you will achieve what you want to achieve, unless you design it so that the area where the menus and submenus show up is all Flash, including whatever is in the background.

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                How about, instead of figuring all this out.

                You ask yourself: "Why do I need flash buttons?"

                and when you realize that the answer is: "Because it will look cool"

                then you can move on to the <a> tag. I highly recommend it.


                It is possible to have a transparent stage. I believe you set window mode ("wmode" maybe?) to transparent. Then you can overlap your swf with your content to achieve whatever wicked cool buttons you have.

                (This is how people do those ridiculous flash popups with transparent backgrounds)