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    CC2017 - typing in application bar screwed up

    rcoda1 Level 1

      New iMac 27" 5k Retina with 4.0gHz, 512 GB SSD, 32GB RAM

      InDesign 2017


      When I type in my application bar (for instance, 1p3) and have text selected (several paragraphs), it won't let me type in the space allocated. Instead it types (and replaces) the text I have selected. I can only use the up/down buttons to input numbers. See attached for the area I am talking about in case I am calling it the wrong thing.


      I can type numbers (e.g. 1p3) in the flyout panels on the right.


      I just noticed this on my new iMac... haven't checked on my 2014 15" Macbook Pro yet.


      Anyone else seen this yet? It's really starting to piss me off.


      Please forgive the unnecessary extra frames... I took this over from someone less with less knowledge of INDD. I'm trying to bring the file up to my standards by getting rid of all the double returns, etc.

      Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at Tue Dec 6 | 1.29PM.jpg