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    SWF Plays Slow in Mac Browsers

      My website works fine in all browsers except Mac browsers where it runs really slow. This is highly irritating and makes no sense to me. Does anybody know why this occurs and how it can be fixed?
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          TMS_72 Level 1
          Someone must know the cause / solution to this by now. Many people have made the same complaint for years. What's going on Macrodobe?!
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            Rothrock Level 5
            For years Macromedia treated the Flash plug-in for Mac as a second class citizen. They have made great strides in recent versions, but there is still a bit of a difference.

            You haven't really given us enough information to help you. What version are you publishing for? What kind of things are you doing?

            I've seen lots of pages where what I'm seeing on screen doesn't justify the slowdown and I can only conclude that the author just doesn't have a clue how to use Flash. (Not saying this is the case here.)

            First place to start would be to put your frame rate at 21 or 31.

            Provide a link to your page and I can critique it further.
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              TMS_72 Level 1
              Thanks Rothrock.

              Well, I'm publishing for flash Player 6. I've built the SWF on my Mac G4 Powerbook with Flash MX. However I've made the HTML pages using Dreamweaver on a PC. There's lots of action script, motion and shape tweening and masks. The SWF is currently online at 30fps but I have tried it at 31fps to test the magical frame rates on my hard drive (not online) using Safari on my Powerbook and there is no differenece.

              My address is www.mypoorbrain.com

              I wouldn't say I'm totallty clueless at Flash but I'm not experienced enough to fix this myself, otherwise I wouldn't be here. Except the magical frame rates method, I wouldn't know where to start. If you were able to help me solve this I would be hugely, hugely greatful.
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                Rothrock Level 5
                Actually it looks great on my Powerbook using safari and the Flash 8 player. (It looks good, but I can't figure out how to navigate the darn thing.) My guess is that it is the Flash 6 player. The first steps at speeding up the player started with Player 7 and even larger strides with Player 8.

                One thing to remember is that if you have the testing environment running at the same time it can slow down playback in a browser window.

                Bitmaps place a big hit on the player as do alpha effects. So make sure you aren't leaving things with low alphas around – make sure to make _visible=false for those.

                In some places you have what looks like static text? Remember that for text that is a lot of vectors/shapes for flash to render.

                In the end you might want to bring the framerate down and concentrate on making it look better on the PC with a lower framerate. Other than that I don't know what to tell you.
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                  TMS_72 Level 1
                  Ah come on, its easy to navigate, rollOver the brain parts to pick a section then click to view work within that section. Then explore the work with the arrows / click on the thumbs to view in full. Ha, maybe you're right, but its quite intuitive... I hope.

                  I was considering publishing for Flash 7 or even 8 but Flash 6's saturation is 99.8% and I think around 60% for Flash 8, I thought it wouldn't make a difference what its published in, its what its viewed in what matters, and as Flash player is backwards compatable I thought great. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'd like to know.

                  Normally I close Flash when testing. I am a bit confused actually. Its slow on my Mac in Safari, but my mate says its fine on the G5 and a G3 eMac, but then my brother says its slow on his Mac but you've said its fine on yours. Have you seen it on a PC to compare?

                  I have a lot of PNG (PNG-24 mostly) in there, but hardly any alphas. The text is not static, I found it easier, more clear and smaller file size if I wrote them in Photoshop and imported them ad PNGs (also to ensure its the same font on every computer).

                  Thanks for your help. I'm not really sure what to do.
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                    Rothrock Level 5
                    Well I found the design quite confusing. The grey background text does explain it, but I keep expecting that when I click something that way too light grey text will light up and explain to me what to do. So at first I didn't read it. Also I think the "brain" navigator is way too small. But all that aside.

                    Well in many ways, PNG is a combination of bitmap and alpha. So if you have parts of your pngs that are transparent then Flash will have to do alpha calculations. The text is the one thing that I saw a little bit of a pause when it came sliding in. I would re-evaluate your choice of making them pictures.

                    I'm on a 1.67G4 AlBook running 10.4.5 and Safari 2.0.3 with Player 8,0,22,0. So i don't know what a G5 and a G3 eMac have in common with that. I haven't compared it on a PC, but really everything (mostly) is whizzing around at quite dizzying rates.

                    Actually as I explored a bit more it did seem to slowdown a bit. Are you loading external assets? And if so are you unloading them?
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                      TMS_72 Level 1
                      Oh dear, its taken quite a bashing today. You have anything positive to say to make me feel better? Plenty of other people have applauded the navigation, but I guess each to their own. I could stick up for the elements you've knocked but I don't want to fuel more criticism, its my baby you see.

                      Anyway this isn't a debate about the design. It works fine on PCs so I'm assuming the problem doesn't lie with PNGs and alphas and gradients and all that, and it works fine on really old PCs and in stand alone players on Macs. The problem I presume is with what is talked about in this article: http://weblogs.macromedia.com/md/archives/2005/08/flash_player_8.cfm. I was just wondering if this can fixed yet?

                      I'm pleasantly surprised you say things are whizzing around at dizzying heights because that is the way its supposed to be, but I've one or two reports of it running slow on Macs, so I really am confused.

                      The only assets I'm loading in are the examples of work (i.e. the thumbs - bundled with the text, and the full image of the work when the thumbs are clicked). I am not using AS to unload them no, but the play head plays to the next frame where the first loaded movie is no longer there and the second movie is.

                      All that said, it works fine an even old PCs so it should be the same on Macs. Thanks loads for your help, even though my egos a bit bruised after your helpful criticisms, ha I like it anyway and I guess I'm the client in this case.