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    Animate CC 2017 blocker bug: Saved fla (or duplicated MC) has missing elements 100% of times.

    PippoApps Level 1

      Animate CC 2017, build, Windows 7 64, english.


      Get the example fla: http://pippoapps.com/_downloads/TestBug.fla


      Prepare for the bug to happen:


      1. Open the file in Animate CC 2017.

      2. You will see a MovieClip on stage, instance of "MyMovieClip".

      3. Double click the movieclip, and inside, you will see it holds an instance named "_txtInput", of the SuperTextField Component.

      4. In library, duplicate MyMovieClip, and newly duplicated clip will be identical, with no problem.

      5. Delete duplicated movieclip (this is just to show that without a linkage id, duplication is fine).

      5. Now in library, open MyMovieClip properties, and export for actionscript (any class name, doesn't matter), and press OK. Say ok when it says class definition can't be found.


      BUG #1:

      Now that MyMovieClip has a class, in library, duplicate MyMovieClip. You will see that duplicated clip doesn't have the component inside.


      BUG #2 (much worse)

      1. Now that MyMovieClip has a class, just save the file.

      2. Close TestBug.fla.

      3. Re-open TestBug.fla

      Component inside MyMovieClip has disappeared!!!!!


      This is consistent. I cannot work on any of my projects, since they all rely on components. Any project I open, even saved long time ago with Flash CC, doesn't have components inside classes with linkage id.