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    pathfinder unhandled exception in CC

    minimum99 Level 1

      I use pathfinder suite a lot so this makes me feel very sad and it only happen in CC2017 not in CS6:


      sAIPathFinder->DoBackMinusFrontEffect(&data, &message); and other sAIPathFinder->Do... calls too!

      caused exception in some cases, which crashed AI and there is no way to catch the exception, since the exception is not handled inside pathfinder. This bug is very repeatable once it happens.


      They must have made changes to pathfinder in CC2017 version, CC2015 seems to work OK (not too sure). Where do I report this bug? A lot is at stake and I have no clue how to go about fixing this bug other than report the bug and hope that Adobe would kindly add exception handlers in the pathfinder suite.

      I am very depressed!!!

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          LeoTaro Level 4

          If the bug is in the PathFinder suite and not your code, you should be able to reproduce it using the PathFinder effects in Illustrator. Adobe would be much more likely to fix a bug that occurs in vanilla AI rather than a bug that affects a plugin.

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            davidf64692900 Level 1

            Hello ! I have the same issue, my illustrator CC 2017 crash often (not all the time) when I use pathfinder (with very very simple shapes). The crash is very fast, this is not a loading time or refresh screen issue with "not responding ..." . It jump directly to "stop working" with no way to save my work.


            I use no extra plug-in. I have re-installed illustrator (all pref. to default).


            My pc spec :  Win7 Pro 64x (up to date) / i7 4790 3Ghz / 16Go DDR3 / 1To HDD / Intel HD Graphics 4600 ...


            I remember, I never get these crash using CS5 suite.


            Maybe new CC illustrator suite have a "shorter time response delay"... ans so, crash if it's not enough fast.


            Maybe I need a real Graphic Card .. Quadro. Really ? for 2D graphics ?

            (my HD 4600 is listed as compatible...)


            Thank you.