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    How can I use lightroom cc to make this flat portrait pop?


      Help -   I've been using lightroom cc for a while but am having a difficult time making this image pop.   It was taken on a cloudy day and it is just flat and boring.   I've tried all kinds of things but am looking for suggestions/samples.   Every once in a while I get one like this and it just drives me crazy.   I did use ocf flash but obviously it and other things just didn't go right.   This would be a throw out pic but would like to see if there is a way to make it saveable??    The sky in the background doesn't help but it's there and I need to work with it.  You can probably tell but I did begin with trying the radial filter and reduced the exposure around the subject and I played with the exposure/shadows/highlights sliders but that's as far as I got.    And yes, her hands look darker than the rest of her but they are completely outside of the radial filter so I'm not sure what's going on there....I'll worry about that later.


      Looking for suggestions.


      Thank You, Thank You.




      flat cloudy portrait sample-1.jpg