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    Lost my project


      I got some project done on my adobe draw app and after I established a new project all my old works are done. It's my first day using this app for work and I'm very frustred now.i couldn't find them in assets as well and I was working with wifi all the time.

      App:version 4.0.2

      My device information: iPad Pro, Caacity available: 232GB Version: 10.1.1

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Ziming.


          I'm sorry about your missing work.


          It's not a usual occurrence for work to just disappear, so any additional details you can give me about what happened will help:

          Were you signed out of the app? Did it crash?

          Are you seeing blank thumbnails in your Gallery view? Or are you not seeing your projects at all?

          You've mentioned that you've checked assets, but I just want to make sure.... You've logged in to Adobe Creative Cloud and do not see your work there?

          How many projects/drawings did you have?


          Please let me know.