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    Publishing Option

    AK-KD 23 Level 1

      Hi Guys...

      I have a Question about the Publishing Option in Muse.


      My hole Homepage (At the Moment 102 sides)  that i have build in Muse is published on Adobe Catalyst.

      It is all Uploaded and works nice. BUT!

      If i change in Muse a few Details for the side like other Pics or new Logo's or Content and if i publish it on Catalyst...

      Muse Upload the hole 102 sides and not only the few sides that i have Updatet. This Progress works 3-5 Hours.


      Thats much too long for a few detail switches!!! make i something wrong or i overlook something!?

      In the publishing Option-Menu i have choosen to upload only changed data.


      I was in different Phone and Chat sessions and nobody by Adobe can give me a clear answer.


      I look forward to your response