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    After effects is using all the CPU power when I try to render with Premiere


      Hi so this started happening yesterday.

      My process is as follow; I create the video in AF then I link the comp with Premiere and render. The reason why I have to render with prem. is that I use prems's loudness radar to check that the sound is ready for TV.

      What happens is that the moment I start rendering the ad in prem, AF starts using ALL my CPU power, leaving nothing for prem. and my 15 second video takes about 2 hours to render. please help


      here is a screen shot of what happens, the CPU % shoots up to 100% most of the time then other programs get 0%

      PS. when I took this screenshot I tried using media encoder, hoping it will make a difference.


      My computers specs are as followed


      I am running windows 10 pro

      I have a AMD graphics card

      I am using cc2016 After effects and Premiere

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you add an AEP file to a Premiere project AE has to open in the background to render the work done in AE. There's no other way to get the pixels rendered. Simple as that. The amount of time it takes something to render in AE depends entirely on what you are doing in the AE project. I often have projects that take several minutes per frame to render because I often do very complicated composites in AE. I would never use Dynamic Link to embed one of these complex shots in Premiere Pro as linked AE project, I would render a suitable digital intermediate (DI) using a suitable mezzanine format (look it up) and use that rendered movie in Premiere Pro as the source for that shot. Dynamic link is just not useful at all for long shots or sequences that have complex effects added.


          Without knowing the details of your AE project, the format you are choosing to render to and the details of your source footage it's impossible to tell you if 2 hours to render a 15 second shot is unusual for a computer with your horsepower. I sent a seven second shot out to be rendered yesterday that took about an hour and forty five minutes to render. 210 frames / 105 minutes is about thirty seconds a frame which I didn't think was too bad for the shot I was creating. If I had put that AE comp into Premiere Pro as a dynamically linked comp it probably would have taken twice as long to render. On the other hand I use dynamic link all the time for lower thirds with live type in PPro and they don't have hardly any effect on render times.

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            sharonb79850972 Level 1

            thanks for the reply will have a look at a mezzanine format.


            I have been using my ,above described method, for about two years now and yesterday when I had to render my ads the problem started.


            I do about 4-3 small 15 second TV ads per week some are complicated, others not as much.

            My more complicated comps usually take about 8-10 min to render on my PC

            my source files are mostly moving png's and images I rarely have video files that I use in the comp.

            I render them in a quicktime format

            video codec H.264


            maximum render quality is used

            bit rate is at 15 000 kbps



            I see now there is a upgrade for after effects hopefully that will help with the problem I will keep you updated.

            I have had some weird problems with adobe since upgrading to windows 10

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi SharonB,

              Did you ever find a solution here?