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    photoshop cc 2017 camera raw


      I have already installed PS cc 2014 ,after I installed PS cc 2017 , camera raw is 9.7,  but camera raw.8bi  in programm files\common files\adobe\plug-ins\CC\file formats  is not changed, I wonder where the ACR 9.7 is installed.  Even if I delete the camera raw.8bi, ACR 9.7 still can work,

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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Because you install 2014 after 2017, it wipes out many of the preferences that 2017 had. If you want several versions, it's always best to install the earliest one first, even if it means uninstalling the later versions. With camera raw, the plugins are all named the same, so to get 9.7 back, you would need download it again and reinstall it. It will replace the version 2014 installed.