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    Developing ipad, android, windows app


      Hello - I would like to create an app for ipad, android and windows. This app will display quizzes on various educational topics (multiple choice questions primarily) and score it. I also have repository of many questions to display in the quiz, the app should randomly pick and display the question.


      I am new to this, is phone gap the best starting point to create such an app? any recommendations on how i should go about launching this project, i.e., what additional tools I would need. Eventually, I plan to sell it on these platforms as app download.


      many thanks,


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          VectorP Level 4

          If you know how to create a website (separated client and back end) for such application, then yes, yu can use Phonegap to create an app.

          When using Phonegap Build (the cloud service), you wouldn't need any additional tools. A bunch of different test devices would be sufficient, aong with the necessary subscriptions for the Stores where you want to upload. Keep in mind that, for iOS, you would need a Mac to upload the .ipa file to the AppStore.