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    Cancelling Stock




      I tried to use the online chat and didn't get any further forward.


      Currently I pay £6.85 for CC, I am a student.


      I pay £23.99 for adobe stock, but do not use it. I have 65 credits sitting and only half way through the plan. He offered it to me for £15.49 and then changed it and asked what plan i was talking about as i have two. I explained it was the Stock.


      I went to cancel adobe stock and it came up a message to speak with someone to see what they can do. The person offered it to me for £15.49 and then changed it and asked what plan i was talking about as i have two. I explained it was the Stock but he is saying for me to cancel the stock my price for CC is going to double to more than £15.49! But I organised the two plans separately. 


      I don't want to change my CC, I just want to reduce or cancel stock as It is pushing my student budget at the moment. When I went to ask about the notice time for cancelling and when to pay early cancellation fee.. he had stopped the chat.



      Please can someone help?  As from transcript below, you can see I didn't get my questions answered. All I want to do is help my budget, keep CC and reduce or remove Stock.


      And now I just received an email a few minutes later, saying Adobe believe the case is closed!! How can that be?? Absolutely shocking customer service!!




      Thank you for contacting Adobe membership services. You will be attended to shortly.



      You are now chatting with 'Prashant'



      Thank you for contacting Adobe Membership Services sleith. I’ll look into your account right away to view exclusive offers for your membership.



      hello,may i know your concern?



      Hi, I am looking to cancel as I am not using this enough at the moment and I am a student and its quiet expensive for my budget



      okay,let me see what best i can do for you.



      thank you



      will that be fine if you can have that same plan for just GBP 15.49 (inc Tax).



      If i was to cancel do i need to pay any cancellation fees?



      yes,there will be a cancellation fees.



      How much is that?



      which will be calculated as the half of the amount remaining.



      okay, well i guess i'll just need to go for the 15.49



      i see 2 membership on your account,can you confirm which one you are talking about?



      The one for the Adobe stock









      I have the creative cloud too.. So the two of them together its costing a lot but i need creative cloud for my course work



      as I am studying photography



      okay,then you will be left with only creative cloud all app subscription only,there will be no adobe stock with the price that i mentioned.



      Sorry i'm confused.. i thought I was only paying £6.85 for the creative cloud



      and £23.99 for stock



      that was for only one app.but now in GBP 15.49 (inc Tax) you will have the creative cloud all app excluding adobe stcok.






      you want me to proceed with this?



      So what is included and how much then?



      it include creative cloud with all app,but you cant have the adobe stock services.



      I don't want to change the creative cloud, i am happy with that. What is best price on Adobe stock please?



      let me check,allow me amoment.



      thank you



      well,presently i ant see any better price than that you currently have.






      but you said at the start £15.49



      that was for creative cloud all app.



      which does'nt include the adobe stock.



      Okay.. lets start again. I went to cancel my Abode stock, it came up asking me to talk to someone to see what you can do without me cancelling.. so here i am wanting to know what can be done.. otherwise your messages online are incorrect



      then you will have the plans that include both all apps and adobe stock.



      I do not want to change anything to do with my CC as I am happy with it. I am not using the stock, as you can see I have 65 credits still there. I arranged both Apps sepeatley so do not see them as one



      then there is no other cheaper plan than that of which  you carry now.



      I'm not really happy with this response, why did it say for me to talk to someone then? What is the address to write a complaint in writing?



      that was for if you want to cancel your subscription for switching the plan.



      I don't want to change anything to do with my CC



      I just want to see if the price can either be reduced on Stock as it is out of my budget with being a student



      no,there is no cheaper plan for adobe stock.



      How much would it be to cancel everything ( stock and CC)?



      the best thing that i can do is to give you a a month free that means you dont need to pay for the next month.



      CC will cost you for GBP 17.13





      and adobe stock will cost you for GBP 47.98



      the above mentioned are the cancellation fees for both the subscriptions respectively.



      How many days notice and when does the payment come out for cancellation?



      you will receive the notice through email a month before the renewal,so that you can cancel it without any cancellation fees.



      Is there anything else I can help you with?



      You are not currently in a chat session.



      Chat already ended


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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



          I apologize for your experience with the support.


          Is there a case reference number that I can escalate for the resolution?




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            Zaria Level 1

            0220516116 is the case number on the email. .

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



              I am escalating the same and you will be getting the confirmation about the same.




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                Same thing happened to me but with Adobe Stock. They offered it FREE with my creative cloud membership then charged me $29.99 for 2 months. When I realized I had been receiving charges, I canceled only to be notified I would be charged a cancellation fee of $134! Tried contacting customer support TWICE...no help.

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                  Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



                  Please confirm me your support case# so that I can help you.




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                    Alan Pursell

                    Cursing the digital gods that the cancelation didn't go through when I tried to do it before the trial month was up, I came in to see about cancelling it now four months in. I was about to do the dirty when I read the dialogue saying "before you cancel, talk to a representative about special offers we might have". Okay, I have some time, sure.


                    So I open the chat, and get a quick response and I say that I'm interested in seeing what the special offer is, and am told by the online CSR that it's that I'll be charged 50% of the annual fee.


                    This is why I wish Quark was still viable competition for Adobe. If I wasn't in the grip of a monopoly for Indesign, I'd have bounced years ago.

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                      EXACT. Same thing just happened to me.


                      I cancelled at the end of the trial, stopped watching for the charge and then when I noted it started up again support told me I never cancelled and no that the trial is over I have to pay out the contract. I cancelled because it was too expensive! I only tried your product.
                      Must I be punished?


                      Is this how Adobe makes money, tricking single product users into 'contracts?'

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                        EvilBugQueen1 Adobe Employee

                        Hi AP,


                        I'm concerned that you say you cancelled the subscription and the cancellation appears to have been ignored. Can you please describe what you did to cancel the subscription? Did you use the cancel link for the plan under https://accounts.adobe.com? Did you receive an email confirmation for the cancellation?