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    Android release apk not working after adding keystore file

    sureshd58588623 Level 1



      Ajax calls are not successful (stuck) after I added keystore file. Before adding keystore file, android app works as expected. I am using build.phonegap.com, version 6.3.0.


      I have added allow-origin, allow-navigation etc in the config file.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Please see Asking Better Questions (PhoneGap Forum) and provide all the requested information. Definitely include config.xml (minus identifying/secret information), and any relevant error messages you get on the JavaScript console or device console (adb logcat). Be sure to include specifics about the devices you are using, version of Android, etc.


          Chances are good the issue lies with your certificates; release builds are much more stringent about certificate checking than are debug builds. Double check that your server is properly configured, and if your certificate has an intermediate CA, make sure that is also properly installed. Do not use self-signed certificates -- these always lead to problems and much pain.