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    How to put background music in this particular case?

      Hi I want to insert the background music to my flashsite.
      My flashsite has 4 navigation buttons, each one has 5 frames in one layer.
      "Home" "Tools" "Links" "Contact" I use actionscripts for all the effects.
      When I insert the music to my flash, it starts normally and goes fine. However when I click on the home button to go back to the homepage, the another music starts and overlaps the existing one.

      I think the problem is caused by the way my site is setup where when you click "Home" it brings you back to frame 1 therefore the music overlaps.

      Is there a way to make the music as an independent element where it just plays regardless of whatever frame, and loops when it's necessary?

      The way I use to compromise this situation is to put a start on one layer and a stop to another layer, but this is not good because the music stops and restart when one goes back to home page.