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    Image Position Shift When Replacing EPS Files with AI files

    BNO-Kofi Bonner

      We’ve been re-saving our old EPS icon artwork as AI files in Illustrator CS6. When we relink the file in InDesign, the AI files come in with extra white space around them. Why is this happening?


      For example, we have an EPS file that is a line illustration within a rounded box; the illustration is masked/clipped by the rounded box in Illustrator. The artboard is just a standard 8.5” x 11”. To create the AI file, we open this EPS file and save it as an AI file. Next, we relink it in InDesign to replace the EPS with the AI file. When this happens, the image shifts from it’s original position - even when import options are set to crop to “Bounding Box (Visible Layers Only)” and the InDesign preference for “File Handling” is NOT set to “Preserve Image Dimensions When Relinking”.


      Also, when we place this file in InDesign (without relinking) we see the same thing: the EPS file comes in closely cropped, as expected, and the AI file has about .625” of white space around it. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks!


      NOTE: We've had this issue with multiple versions of InDesign and Illustrator including CS6, CC and CC 2014.