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    I don t know where to start


      I just recently got to Adobe After Effects and I''m really new to it. I have experience in Photoshop and Maya, but this software is entirely new to me. I got a project to do on it and i just don t know where to start.


      I have this weird kind of a melt in between a b a v and an i with two points above it drawn on a tablet in like 5 seconds just to show me the ideaasdawc.JPG


      The principle is that those 2 balls should be full with some kind of paint.They should collide with each other, thus breaking so that half of the paint flows out of them and gets painted in the b shape.


      I tried to like use Mr.Mercury but i don t really know how to make the fluid to be shapen that way... and honestly i don t really know anything about after effects so please take me easy .


      Sorry for my bad english, please help .