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    Blurb App: Switch from different collections


      I am making a book with the Blurb plug-in.  Before doing so I organized my photos into 3 collections because of their sheer size. Each with a different theme, so I can organize them accordingly in my book (aka All Collection A will be in the first part of the book, B will be in the middle etc).


      I have completed putting the photos from Collection A, so I switched source to Collection B to continue with my book.  However, Lightroom creates a completely new book when I switch collections.  How do I keep it from doing so.  I seem to remember being able to switch between collections in the photo strip in the bottom without lightroom taking things into its own hands and making a new book.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In Library, drag the extra photos from B to A etc. You really need them in one collection.


          In the filmstrip, notice the collection name. It's a "Recent/Favorite Sources" drop down list, and was probably what you used before.


          As a tip, rather than separate collections for the sections of the book, consider using stacks. You can stack photos in the collection, and move those stacks around. So in your case, start with A, stack all those photos, drag the photos from B into A and stack this group of photos.

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            WobertC Adobe Community Professional

            + one collection.


            You must also create a "Saved Book Collection"  and only ever work the book design from that.

            If you set the Book Collection sort order to 'Custom', then adding images or combining other collections will help to keep the images in their 'theme' group. (any other sort will re-arrange the order of images)

            Do your custom sort in the Book Collection in Grid view before adding images to the pages (manually or auto-fill). Custom sort allows you to drag&drop single or multiple images anywhere in the collection sort order.


            "stack this group" also a great hint- thanks John B. (a hint I had never considered!)


            Suggest also to occasionally make a 'Duplicate' copy of the book in the collection panel. It gives you a step to return to if mistakes happen (like clicking the "Clear Book" button.)  Ctrl-Z ?

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