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    Trouble with data merge : randomly adding blank pages and not showing images


      Hello everyone,


      I am creating a geeting card for the clients of my company, with the message and logo (different branch) imported by data merge (through a .txt), but I'm running into some troubles :


      - When I preview the merge, I see that sometimes (seemingly at random, but quite often) there is a blank card between each filled one.


      - there is only two merged images (logos) for the whole file, the same for all the cards. Sometimes they appear in the @logo field, sometimes they don't. I have no idea why the image merge only works on some of the cards as the links in the source are all the same.


      Il suppose it must come from the source file, but I haven't the faintest idea of what could be the problem.



      Any help would be appreciated as I am on a very thight schedule...