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    Black and White Presets, Problem with Sunflare Radials


      I wasn't sure how to phrase the subject line   Basically if I have a bunch of color photos edited, sometimes I'll need to spot-retouch where I remove some redness from skin, or I'll have a sunflare gradient with yellow color added and things like that.  My desire is to throw a black and white preset over my whole batch of images when I'm done, but I have to go and check each one to make sure those modifications aren't on there or someone will have bluegreen skin on their B&W image, or the yellow sunflare is still yellow.  I don't want to remove all radial or spot adjustments on these because SOME of those edits I would want to keep, it's just the ones that give it funky color that I want to remove.


      Is there ANY WAY to tell lightroom to disregard those types of changes when I do a b&w preset or to somehow remove all of those adjustments in bulk...without throwing out the baby with the bathwater?  I'm a newbie here, so certainly there must be a better way.  Please and thank you!