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    Can Robohelp create Webhelp that includes only file name and topic alias in CSH URLs?



      We create CSH for all of our product's table fields We are currently using the TopicAlias marker to create tags in FrameMaker source that are defined as <FieldName>. The TableName values are Heading1, so they are being written to individual table-specific htm files.



      When we generate the help in RoboHelp, we get:


      • The generic context sensitive help bookmarks: #CSH_xxx.
      • TableName htm files are generated as TableName-.htm


      So the lookup is now TableName-.htm#CSH_xxx

      What we really want, based on what the developers are looking for, is: TableName.htm#FieldName

      We want:

      1. To be able to define our own bookmark text for the context sensitive help (in this case FieldName, but could be FormName, etc.).
      2. .htm files without the appended hyphen.


      Is there a way to suppress the addition of these unwanted items in the URLs?