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    Setting depth of movie clips

      I have 4 movie clips on the stage. They are named logo1, logo2, logo3, logo4. I have them set out cascading. So the only clip that is fully visible is the front clip but the top of the other clips can still be seen. When a user clicks on one of the back clips i want it to appear in front of the clip that is currently at the front.

      Can someone help me out?

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          NSurveyor Level 2
          You can use swapDepths() (look it up in the Help Reference for more info - it's a movieclip method). Putting something like this in each clips onPress handler, or whatever you are using....


          However, if you have components, something, I think "focusManger" is created at the highest possible non-reserved depth and things can get kinda funny... can't remember all the details exactly.