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    YepNope to lazy load the images folder??

    g.bollmann Level 1

      The images folder is too big to load before displaying my page. It takes 30 SECONDS for first view.


      The symbols for most all of these images are hidden, then displayed later with JS.

      Even though the symbols are OFF (display: none), the images are not detached from loading. (into the DOM?)


      1) Can I delay image loading through YepNope?  ...like a poor man's lazy load?



      2) Can I influence when or if all the images are loaded ... does anything at all affect that? Like AutoPlay setting?

      3) Can I use JQuery .detach()  then later .appendTo() ?

      4) Would breaking into multiple compositions somehow affect this Total Image Upload?




      Any ideas? Can the images of the OFF symbols load AFTER the "ON" symbols load and render?



      MANY MANY MANY thanks,