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    Licensing issue: NOOK says user not activated




      my issue started with a "Check activation" error on my ADE program upon downloading 2 books from the public library. I fixed it by deauthorizing ADE through Windows "regedit", then made the problem worse.

      I couldn't recall my adobeID password so reauthorized ADE without an account. As a result I then could read the 2 new library DRM books I had just downloaded again but not open them on my NOOK. So I deauthorized ADE again, got a new PW for Adobe, and reauthorized ADE again with my original ADE account.

      Now I get a "lic already used by other user" error for the 2 books (because they are prob. licensed to the nonAdobe account now) while another new book I downloaded to test opens fine on ADE but NOOK says "user not activated".


      It seems like my NOOK doesn't recognize that I am back in the old Adobe account... and I don't know how to reactivate that.


      Please help me, I am unable to read new things on my NOOK now, severely frustrated and running out of ideas how to fix it.