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    Keyboard shortcuts not working

    KentSpain85 Level 1

      Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask a question: I'm having issues with Lightroom. I have a Spanish Surface Pro 4, with the Spanish keyboard. I know from a lot of youtubers that use Lightroom that [ and ] and { and } should increase and decrease brush size, but only the decrease works for both [ and {. I have even tried it with the on screen keyboard and once again only the decrease brush size works. If it makes any difference I have a Spanish keyboard, but even with the touch screen keys the buttons work ONLY for decreasing brush size.

      I've taken a few screen shots, hopefully someone here can give me a hand ...

      I have the latest version installed and I ran updater just to make sure.

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          A number of keyboard shortcuts depend on the language for which LR is configured, and these differences typically aren't documented (either in the manual or in the Help > Shortcuts menus.)  In Spanish, the keys for increasing and decreasing the adjustment-brush size are "+" and "<". 


          The best source for English keyboard shortcuts is: https://www.lightroomqueen.com/keyboard-shortcuts/ . The only way to determine authoritatively a shortcut in a language other than English is to look at the text file TranslatedStrings.txt.  For example, here's how I found out the shortcuts for brush size:

          You can edit that file if you wish (see the link above), or you could use the Keyboard Tamer plugin (though there have been reports in the last couple of years of people not getting it to work).