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    Cannot download e book to e Reader


      I've had a Sony ereader PRS-650 for a few years. I just had issues this week trying to download ebooks. Kobo told me to use Adobe Digital Edition to download books now.

      I download books from my public library using Overdrive.


      I have the Sony  ereader library, does this need to be removed from my computer?


      I've downloaded the latest version of Adobe Digital Edition. My computer and Ereader are synched/authorized with Adobe Digital Edition.

      When I download a book the same message appears (picture above) under my Sony Reader Library I click Yes, Choose Adobe Digital Edition, enter Adobe ID and password, then the warning message goes away and nothing is downloaded, with no error messages. The screen goes blank, see below.


      Shouldn't the download go to ADE under borrowed? then I just click and drag to the device PRS-650?

      Expert help is appreciated.