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    Contact Form - Non-editable Message Text Box

    SMGJohn_EU Level 1

      Adobe Muse CC 2017 is starting to get on my nerves, 4th time I have had to recreate my Contact Form because there is always issues with it, and now there is another one, my "&¤%"()%!# required entry message text box has invincible text or not text in it at all and I cannot edit it at all, this is unacceptable...

      Muse Screencap.PNG

      It can be seen on this image, at this point I have no idea what to do other than just giving up completely because no matter what I do I cannot enter a text into the box, I have to create an entirely new form from scratch once again, I even tried to turn off site language, that did not work either, copying it to different sites did not work.


      Have anyone encountered this before and managed to fix it?