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    Sheer ID won't accept any reasonable proof I'm an educator


      Adobe's 3rd party verification company is keeping me from accessing the Adobe software I purchased with an educator's discount. I submitted a scan of my ID. They rejected it. Why? I don't know because they don't respond to emails. Maybe because there's no date. What college has expiration dates on faculty IDs?

      Seriously, they are asking for pay stubs, which my college hasn't used for years.


      I spent 45 mins with Adobe support live chat. They suggested a letter from "my principal". They assured me that a letter from anyone at my college on letterhead would work. I submitted my note on letterhead along with my ID and business card. Rejected.


      There are so many hoops to jump through to even get help or post that I have now wasted over an hour trying to activate the software I paid for.


      Has anyone ever been able to get Sheer ID to accept verification that they are faculty?