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    Edit indesign image in Adobe Pro


      I wonder if it's possible to edit images created in indesign by using Adobe Pro.
      I asked a graphic designer to create my food label, but I'd like to make small edits by myself in Adobe Pro as I don't use Indesign.

      If so, anyone knows how to???

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          What is Adobe Pro?

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            InDesign files need to be editing in InDesign.

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              BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

              You can make small edits in current versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro.



              You can edit typos (if you have the correct font installed), add missing text (if there is room on the page), add missing photos, replace photos, and even link to Photoshop to edit photos, and return to see the updated files, but...


              It's a good practice to put all of the edits into the InDesign document. That way if you need major edits down the road, you can change the InDesign file and recreate the PDF. If some edits were made in Acrobat, they will have to be both remembered, and re-entered into InDesign. I'd either let the designer make the edits, or purchase InDesign if you really want to do them yourself.

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                Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                To amplify on this …


                Acrobat Pro's ability to “edit text” although improved over the last few versions, is exceptionally primitive compared to the text handling capabilities of InDesign, Illustrator, etc. It cannot deal with pair kerning, tracking, obliquing, ligatures, etc. and can seriously mess up your layout. You might be able to “fix” a price or a date, but beyond that it starts getting very dicey.


                And of course, edits in a PDF file often don't make their way back to the source document resulting in “lost edits” when attempting to reuse the source InDesign document.


                In terms of editing images within a PDF file, although Acrobat Pro can pass an image to Photoshop for editing and when Photoshop is done with the image, it will be returned to Acrobat to replace the original image, this edit path doesn't work for all image types and can mess up color management (the color profile doesn't survive the round trip).


                My recommendation is that unless you have an extreme emergency, go back and fix the original assets and regenerate your final PDF file. It is safer, avoiding unexpected side effects and content synchronization issues.


                          - Dov

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                  jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                  nygwb wrote:

                  I wonder if it's possible to edit images created in indesign by using Adobe Pro.

                  Also, just to clarify, images are not edited with InDesign either. They are placed into InDesign as a link. If you are using InDesign and need to edit a photo, you do it with an image editor, such as Photoshop.


                  Once you have made the PDF, you still need an image editor to edit the photo. But if you are doing it inside Acrobat, you will not be changing the original image. It does not have to be Photoshop—it can be any image editor.


                  As Dov says, this is not the best practice.