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      When I upgraded to PSE 13 and then to PSE14, I discovered smack in the middle of the media view in Organizer, row after row after row of face pictures. Not the whole orginal picture; just the face of a family member or identified friend. Had I known this would happen I would never have gone through all the time and effort to identify same.


      My question is, can I delete these "face" pictures from the Organizer without messing up my identified friends and family members?

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          ankitd Adobe Employee



          PSE 14 onwards we have added advanced face recognition technology that helps you name and organize the people in your photos. What you are seeing is face stacks created by face recognition. To know more about this feature please see: Marking faces in photos in Elements Organizer .

          Automatic recognition would save you effort of doing things manually.


          If you do not want to use automatic face recognition then do following steps:

          1.) Open Preferences(Ctrl+K / CMD+K).

          2.) From the dialog, select media analysis.

          3.) Uncheck "Run Face Recognition Automatically" and click on Reset Face Analysis.Captaure.PNG



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            Kesata13 Level 1

            but will your suggestion do one or both of the following:

            1-remove all the face pictures from the media portion of Organizer

            2-maintain the face recognition previously established


            FYI: I did do the automatic fr. However, I still had to "approve" faces PSE

            was not sure about. That was quite a few.


            Thanks for the help.

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              ankitd Adobe Employee



              It will remove all the face pictures and from People view in organizer with all face recognition data that was previously established.

              All face recognition data would be reset.