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    Extracting JS variables to DB using CF?

    rinorman Level 1
      The attached code produces output of a .swf quiz movie via JavaScript .

      My question is, using CF, how to get this output into a DB??

      First, the participant logs into the quiz and a record is produced.

      So we've got a record started with their name, position, and office location.

      The form variables are passed to the quiz page:

      <CFSET session.quest_group_ID = "#form.quest_group_ID#">
      <CFSET session.office_ID = "#form.office_ID#">
      <CFSET session.emp_fname = "#form.emp_fname#">
      <CFSET session.emp_lname = "#form.emp_lname#">

      The .swf movie is named "assessmnet.swf"

      They take the quiz - now and I need to capture all the output available into their record.

      Any help with this would be much appreciated...

      Thanks You


      The text version of the output page can also be seen here: http://www.testandlearn.net/resultswebsite/quizoutput.txt