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    Unresolved Hyperlinks

    matthewdee Level 1

      I have an .indb file that I needed to edit, whoever did the book did not create the bookmarks correctly. So I opened the Bookmarks window and I see editing an .indb file is a bit tricky for me so common sense told me when I try to open the bookmarks window it will not open unless the table of contents page is open. SO I opened the TOC and I then saw the Bookmaks window


      there were a lot of extra bookmarks so I had to delete a lot and rename a few, when I was done and wanted to export to epub I got the export warning that there are 104 unresolved hyperlinks, so I opened each page from the .indb and only see a few hyperlinks with green dots which tells me they are good.


      Where do I find the unresolved ones?


      Obviously they are the ones that I deleted the bookmarks for I understand that but where are the links so I can remove?


      The hyperinks panel is blank?


      any help?